Family Law: 3 Reasons to Negotiate a Divorce Settlement

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A divorce is a tough ordeal to go through, especially if you have children or are financially dependent on your ex. It can be equally difficult for a non-custodial parent trying to gain rights over the children from their spouse. This article will examine reasons why it may make sense for you to negotiate a divorce settlement with your spouse and how an experienced family lawyer might help you do this.

29 September 2021

What's Involved in Serving Your Spouse With Divorce Papers?

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What does a perfect divorce look like? The two parties would (either by themselves or through formal mediation) agreed on the division of assets and any child custody arrangements. They would then file a joint application (so there's no need for divorce papers to be served), and once they can prove they've been legally separated for a minimum of twelve months, the divorce is granted. Many divorces are not quite so harmonious, and often the first headache is serving your spouse with the paperwork.

30 June 2021

Deceased Estate: Three Fundamental Steps for Successful Administration

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The process of administering a deceased estate is challenging. Moreover, the emotional distress of having lost a loved one can make handling practical issues more difficult. Therefore, if you are in charge of managing the property and belongings of a departed family member, consider using a qualified deceased estate lawyer. The professional will provide counsel for navigating the complexities of the work. However, you can choose to conduct the administration without help.

5 April 2021