Family Law: 3 Reasons to Negotiate a Divorce Settlement

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A divorce is a tough ordeal to go through, especially if you have children or are financially dependent on your ex. It can be equally difficult for a non-custodial parent trying to gain rights over the children from their spouse. This article will examine reasons why it may make sense for you to negotiate a divorce settlement with your spouse and how an experienced family lawyer might help you do this. Read on to find out more!

Get a better financial settlement

If any assets will be split as part of your divorce, such as real estate and business assets, it may be worth negotiating with your spouse for a more favourable settlement. For example, you may wish to trade access to property such as a car or home in return for a more favourable financial settlement. When it comes to these discussions, things can sometimes get heated so having lawyers there to mediate can help to bring things to a satisfactory conclusion.

Better support for your children

By negotiating a divorce settlement with your spouse, you can secure rights over the children and continue to maintain a relationship with them. While it may be harder than ever to keep up such relations in the aftermath of a divorce, it can be easier when you have an experienced family lawyer on your side. If you cannot afford the full amount of child support payments, for example, an experienced family lawyer might be able to negotiate a lesser amount and in return gain extra visitation rights with your kids.

Avoid the financial burden of a divorce

You may have been able to plan your divorce financially, but it can still be a huge financial burden. Many spouses have to cover the cost of legal representation and other fees associated with a divorce, so this is something you may wish to take into account when deciding whether or not to negotiate a settlement. If you choose not to, you will have to pay all of the costs yourself, and this can be an even bigger financial burden than having someone else pay for them.

Whatever your reasons, negotiating a divorce settlement can give you more control over the dissolution of your marriage and help to ensure that your children are looked after. If you have any questions regarding divorce settlements, you can speak to a family lawyer today for guidance on how you might proceed. Contact a law firm like P J Griffin & Co to learn more.


29 September 2021

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