How You Can Help Yourself Keep Debts to a Minimum

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When you run your own business, cash flow is everything. If you don't keep on top of it, it can quickly get out of hand and this means that you have to do everything in your power to keep accounts receivable to an absolute minimum. Most businesses have to extend a certain amount of credit during their day-to-day operations, but many do not pay attention to the way that they communicate their terms.

16 June 2017

What to do in case of an accident

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It is never easy to deal with an accident, especially if you suffer grave physical injury. If the accident was not your fault however, you can make a claim to cater for your treatment as well as the damage to your car, bike or motorbike. It is usually a good move to engage a car accident lawyer who knows how to negotiate the settlement for you. Preserve life If an accident occurs, the most important thing is your life.

16 May 2017

Do You Have Any Recourses to Challenge a Will If You're Not Happy?

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What should you do if you're unhappy with the contents of somebody's will? Do you feel that your loved one's assets are not being properly disposed of, or that you should be more clearly accounted for according to their wishes? You may have legal recourse according to the legal system in Australia, so what do you need to know before you come up with a challenge? Validity The first thing that you need to ensure is that the will is valid in the eyes of the law.

9 May 2017

What to look for in a criminal lawyer

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If you are facing criminal charges it is of utmost importance to find a good criminal lawyer. Criminal charges have penalties and jail sentences you do not want to face. It is important to have a criminal lawyer by your side who can ensure your rights are respected and the best outcome for you is achieved.   The first thing you should do as soon as you find out that charges are being brought against you is to talk to a lawyer so that you can get the best advice on how to protect yourself.

1 May 2017

How to Ensure That You Don't Miss out As a Father Following Separation

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When two parents separate, much attention needs to be paid to the welfare and the future of the unfortunate children. There is often a period of time when negotiations between all parties can be difficult, especially due to the emotional connection. Right or wrong, many people seem to want to side with the mother in terms of interaction with the children going forward and this can be detrimental in terms of the father's rights.

26 April 2017

4 Important Conveyancing Searches to Do Before Buying Property

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Conveyancing or property searches are formal enquiries that are made on your behalf to uncover important details on property you wish to buy. These searches form an integral part of due diligence during the home-buying process. If using a solicitor, he/she will contact the local authorities as well as other parties to unearth any important details you should be privy to before making the final decision to buy. Property searches can reveal details like possibilities for future developments which would adversely affect your property or its value, access rights and common drains, property liens and quality of the ground on which the property sits among other details.

25 April 2017

The Legal Process to Administering the Deceased's Estate

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After bereavement, there is usually the consuming affair of dividing the estate of the deceased among the beneficiaries according to the will. If the deceased died intestate, the property will usually be divided among members of the immediate family. For this to happen it is usually important to speak to a probate lawyer about whether you will need a grant of probate. This depends on the assets left behind by the deceased.

24 April 2017