How Can You Keep Costs in Check When Preparing for a Divorce?

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If you are facing the unfortunate prospect of a divorce, you certainly have plenty on your mind. You may have emotional effects to deal with, need to worry about the kids and think about how your future will pan out once everything has been decided. You may also fret about the costs involved should you need to hire professional help to support your case, so how can you keep legal costs in check as this process unfolds?

Professional Help

Clearly, there is a lot at stake when a marriage dissolves like this, and if the separation is acrimonious, you will need to stand your ground. Therefore, it is not a good idea to go it alone, and you will need to budget for some legal representation. Do your research to find a lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable and who you feel happy working with. Discuss the range of fees at the outset to get an idea of what to expect.

Cool Heads 

Certainly, it may be difficult to discuss everything with your ex in such an acrimonious environment, but you should both try to lower the temperature and be practical. Talk through everything before you engage a lawyer and try to settle as many details as possible at that stage. The more you can cover before you start the billing process, the better. You will want to avoid any back and forth bartering between the lawyers if possible.


You may be required to arbitrate before a full court can consider your case. Use this process carefully, and it can often lead to a resolution, streamlining the entire process for you.

Professional Advice

Once you have engaged a lawyer, it's a good idea to remember why you did so. They may well have experience of a case similar to yours and will definitely know how to present your matters properly. Consequently, try to listen to this advice and accept what they tell you within reason. Remember, they are there to provide you with good counsel, and while they will always try to get a favourable outcome, they will be realistic as well.


When you open up a good line of communication with your lawyer and have a realistic idea of what to expect from the outset, you should be able to manage your expenditure. This will give you time to focus on what is important and strive for as fair an outcome as possible.

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11 January 2022

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Hello, my name is Jenny and this is my probate law blog. I should say now, I am not a lawyer and I have not had any professional legal training. However, I do know a thing or two about probate. I taught myself a lot after the death of my grandma. My grandma left a lot of money and property behind, but unfortunately, she didn't leave a will. This lead to several family members staking a claim on the inheritance. I instructed a lawyer to act on my mother's behalf to ensure that she was not cheated out of her share.