Top Factors to Consider When Hiring a Good Criminal Lawyer

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Having a brush with the law is not something you would want to happen to you or a loved one. However, the unexpected happens, and when you find yourself in such a situation, the emotional ordeal can take a toll on you. It is for this reason that you need someone in your corner, fighting to secure your freedom. That person is a criminal lawyer. Although there is nothing wrong with worrying about the cost of hiring a good criminal lawyer, losing your freedom is much more expensive. That said, the first step is to find the right lawyer, and this is usually not a walk in the park. This article makes this process easy by highlighting factors to consider when hiring a criminal lawyer.

Asks for Full Disclosure 

Whether you have committed a crime or not, a criminal lawyer is supposed to argue your innocence in a court to secure your freedom. Therefore, it is common for some lawyers not to ask their clients whether they committed a crime or not. A criminal lawyer needs every bit of information from you from the moment you hire them. They will then use the information to argue out a case in your favour. However, if your lawyer does not want to know if you committed a crime, they will find it difficult to defend you. It is especially the case if a prosecution has enough evidence placing you at the scene of a crime. For instance, imagine a minor being arrested while shoplifting. Rather than deny their client's action, a good criminal lawyer will find a plausible reason for these actions.

Negotiates a Reasonable Sentence 

There are different levels of criminals in law. For example, a person who is arrested for selling contraband cigarettes in entertainment spots is considered a low-level offender. However, low-level offenders get their supplies from bigger distributors. Usually, law enforcement agencies prefer to arrest high-profile criminals, and low-level offenders can significantly help. For this reason, it is crucial to work with a criminal lawyer who can negotiate a reasonable plea deal in exchange for information that will lead to the arrest of the 'big fish'. A criminal lawyer that is not proficient in such negotiations jeopardises their client's freedom.

Attends All Court Proceedings 

Representing a client who is arrested with criminal charges requires tenacity on a lawyer's part. They should be present during your interrogation with a law enforcement agency and during your arraignment in court. Unfortunately, some lawyers opt to send their apprentices to represent their clients in court while they attend to other matters. However, it should not be the case since you are paying a lawyer, not their apprentice. You must insist that they avail themselves at every court proceeding for better representation.


16 September 2020

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