Three Little Known Areas Of Law That A Family Lawyers Can Help You With

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Family lawyers are well known for their primary focus on divorce and the surrounding legal areas, but that is not all that they cover. There are many dozens of different specialties in law, and so a professional that only focuses on one specific issue is bound to be restricting their clientele. Family lawyers do work outside of divorce proceedings and not just in child custody or annulments but in other, unrelated departments. If you need help with any of the following, then consider picking up the phone to your local family lawyer and get the legal advice you need.


No one likes to think about their own mortality, but unfortunately, this is something you very much need to consider at some point. Whether you have dependents or not, you need to craft a will that will provide for the people you are closest to, gift special mementos to those you have met over the years and divide up your estate according to your desires. This last point is especially prescient because, without a will, your entire estate and all of your assets will be split up according to your particular state's laws relating to intestacy—the bottom line being that you could inadvertently hurt those who are already mourning your death if you forget to create a will. A family lawyer can help you fix this. 

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a terrible thing to have to go through, and when you are in a toxic relationship, it can be extremely hard to know what you can or can't do, especially when kids are involved. A family lawyer can help give you advice on how to escape from your situation as soon as possible, give you counsel on whether you can bring charges against your partner and help put you in touch with the police. A family lawyer will also know what you can do in regards to kids being present in a house where domestic violence is taking place and how you can get them out of there.


Perhaps you have already gone through a divorce and are happily living your separate lives while splitting time with your children. If you suddenly decide that you need to relocate, whether for work or simply for a change of lifestyle, then you need to consult with a family lawyer before you actually begin the process of moving. Depending on the conditions of your separation and visitation rights, you may have a problem, and if you leave before solving it, then you could become a criminal as soon as you step over state lines. Don't be unprepared; contact a family lawyer before you start any other move preparations.


27 September 2019

Probate Law: What You Need to Know

Hello, my name is Jenny and this is my probate law blog. I should say now, I am not a lawyer and I have not had any professional legal training. However, I do know a thing or two about probate. I taught myself a lot after the death of my grandma. My grandma left a lot of money and property behind, but unfortunately, she didn't leave a will. This lead to several family members staking a claim on the inheritance. I instructed a lawyer to act on my mother's behalf to ensure that she was not cheated out of her share.