Was Your Child Injured by a Defective Product? Here's What to Do


It can be scary and disheartening to purchase a baby product only for it to affect the health of your baby. This could be a food product such as defective baby formula, a crib mobile that fell on your child in their sleep or even a toy that was poorly made with small removable parts that almost choked the baby. Whichever the case, such an issue should not be thrown under the rug. You need to sue the manufacturer for making a defective product that affected a user. What's more, you also need to receive compensation for any medical treatment and trauma experienced as a result of the injury.

Here are some measures that you can take to ensure full compensation if your child gets hurt by a defective product.

Seek medical treatment

Your child's health and safety should come first; therefore, before pursuing the manufacturer, ensure that the child gets the necessary medical help. Visit a pediatric doctor who can assess the baby and provide the ideal treatment to alleviate the symptoms of using the defective baby product. Also, the doctor should document the case and treatment administered to make it easy for you to pursue the manufacturer. If it is a case where a child almost swallowed a toy part, visit the doctor as well for checkup and documentation of the incident.

Collect evidence of the injury

The success of a personal injury case highly depends on the evidence presented before the court. So, you need to collect as much of it as possible to support your claim. If your child suffered physical injuries, take photos of them together with the defective item. Also keep the product, its packaging, receipts, and any other documents that were exchanged during the sale of the defective item. Work with a personal injury solicitor so that they can help you collect as much evidence as possible. Also, if someone was present at the time of the accident, ask them to be witnesses in court as well.

Avoid costly mistakes

Once your child has received treatment, it is time to pursue the product's manufacturer for compensation. However, during this time, you need to avoid mistakes that can cost you. For example, don't take to social media to rank about the injury and defective product. The guilty party can take advantage of this information to claim that you were responsible for causing. Doing this also exposes your evidence and gives the manufacturer a loophole to build a strong defense against you. Keep the matter between you, the solicitors, and the court until the case is concluded.

Follow these tips and work with a personal injury solicitor to ensure that you get rightful compensation after an injury from a defective baby product.


18 May 2018

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